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All Your Pay-Out Needs with Easy Solutions

Fawry is the Easier way to Meet all your Pay Out Needs!

Everyone is Happy

Whether you’re paying service providers, freelancers, one-time project members or employees, Fawry makes sure your pay-outs are streamlined and easy to manage.

Mass Payments

To make your pay-out experience a breeze, take advantage of Fawry’s solutions to make bulk payments quickly and easily.

Always with You

With services available 24/7, you will never need to worry about pay-outs again.

Easy Tracking

An easy to use platform allows you to track payments effortlessly by simply uploading your payment details or using online integration for automated processes.

Multiple Pay-Out Options

With more options available, you will always have an edge. Make your payments through:

Fawry Retail Network


Fawry Plus Stores


Prepaid Cards


Mobile Wallets


Bank Accounts

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