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Your voice helps shape Fawry's future!
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Our goal as Fawry Research team
Developing Fawry services based on the feedback of our current and potential customers. So we are building a database of interested customers to invite them to research activities.
To understand their needs
in Fintech so we can fulfill these needs efficiently through our services.
To know their feedback in early stages
to help us enhance our products and services in their initial stages.
What's in it for you?
Your voice matters to us
Your feedback will help us build convenient Fawry services for everyone.
Get a thank you gift
After participating, you may receive a gift in appreciation of your time.
Participation is flexible & easy
You can participate remotely or in person, if the study allows both. It's totally up to you.
What are the forms of participation?
Talk to a member from Fawry
to listen to your opinions over a voice or video call, or in person.
Try out new services
and sharing your screen to show us how you use one of our products, or to test a new or existing feature.
Answer a survey
that we share with you to get your opinion about a service or idea.
Privacy first! Your info is safe and secure
We will contact you from myfawry's verified WhatsApp account or through Fawry customer care.
We never share your data with third parties.
We never ask about any confidential or personal information at any stage of the research study.
How to participate?
Fill out the form
Tell us about yourself, your interests, and your product habits. Even if you're not an existing customer.
We may contact you
If you are a target audience for one of our studies. We will contact you from myfawry's verified Whatsapp account or through our customer care.
Get a thank you gift
After completing the study, participants may get a thank you gift to appreciate their time.
Fill out the form
Frequently asked questions
  • Everyone is welcome to join, whether you're already a Fawry customer or new to Fawry.
  • Our selection is based on the requirements of each research. We connect with participants that match our target segment.
  • We're so glad you're interested!
    We're constantly do research activities, and once you match the target segment of any of our studies, we will get in touch.
  • You can participate in many types of activities:
    - Fill out a quick survey.
    - Try new exclusive app features.
    - Join an audio or video call to give us your feedback on Fawry services.
    - Join a group discussion at our office.
    - Or some other activities.
  • While a thank you gift isn't guaranteed for each study, we will inform you beforehand if a gift is offered.
    The gift could be a gift card from a popular retailer or a code you can use to cash out your gift at any Fawry Plus branch.
  • Once you finish your participation, you'll receive your gift in 1 to 5 working days. However, we will do our best to send it to you as soon as possible.
  • You can opt out anytime through this link
  • We take your security seriously, so we only contact you through trusted channels:
    - A verified WhatsApp account with a green tick.
    - One of our customer care numbers.

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