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Commerce Enablement

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More Options, More Opportunities

Fawry Accept is your one-stop payment platform solution that provides your customers with the easiest and most efficient checkout experience.
We develop our solutions with you in mind, offering a complete suite of tools that will take your business to the next level!

Why Choose Fawry Accept?

Unified Payment Platform

With an integrated system that makes everything easier, you can manage all your payments from one dashboard. Simple, easy-to-use, and efficient!

We’re Fully Customizable

With an omnichannel experience, you can sit back and relax knowing that Fawry Accept can easily adapt to any channel and make your customers’ purchasing experience a breeze!

New and Fresh Technology

With Fawry, you know that you will always be provided with the latest technology has to offer. Whether it’s online or through our POS, you will always be provided with cutting-edge solutions that will make your transactions effortless!

Rewarding Options

Fawry Accept offers spectacular loyalty programs that include cash back, instant discounts or points redemptions. Benefit from a one-of-a-kind loyalty experience that will add brand value, boost conversions and enhance upselling!

Easy Integration

Our solutions integrate easily with your platform, offering hassle-free e-payments that will have your customers coming back for more!

Quick Launch

With an easy on-boarding process and various alternative solutions, we always make sure you reach your customers on-time.

  • Speak to our team
  • Test account
  • Sign and onboard
  • Configure and Optimize

No Hidden fees

You get what you pay for! Our culture of transparency ensures that the price you see is what you pay!

Advanced Security Measurements

Sit back and relax knowing that all your transactions are fully secured with the latest in the market security technology that can predict and detect any threats.

We Have the Numbers

Over 6 billion EGP paid through our POS, 7.5 million FawryPay reference codes, 5 billion EGP through our Online Card Acceptance, and a 98% transaction success rate, our numbers speak for themselves.

A Partner You Trust

Fawry is the most trusted E-Payment provider since 2008, Local and international brands trust FawryAccept.

Multiple Payment Methods

We offer a variety of tools to help business owners grow and develop on their own terms. With Fawry Accept, you get to choose from several payment options available so you will never lose a customer! We make sure your business offers your clientele every chance to make an easy, effortless purchase!


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