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“myfawry yellowcard” …a revolution in the world of prepaid cards in Egypt

“myfawry yellowcard” …a revolution in the world of prepaid cards in Egypt

“Fawry” launches a new package of innovative financial solutions through the myfawry yellowcard prepaid card

In an attempt to facilitate financial transactions and achieve the principles of financial inclusion and digital transformation, and support the country’s trends to reach an integrated digital society, “Fawry” announced the launch of a package of new and advanced services and solutions on the myfawry yellowcard prepaid card.

“Fawry”, the leader in the field of digital payments and banking technology, is making serious efforts to provide the best developed solutions to its customers, with the aim of keeping pace with the rapid steps of the digital payments and financial technology market in Egypt. The company always looks forward to meet customers’ needs and providing advanced services that facilitate payment and transfer operations with ease.

myfawry yellowcard prepaid card offers a variety of solutions developed to serve its individual and corporate customers, according to the latest findings in the world in the field of financial technology at the present time, in addition to a package of distinctive solutions that were added recently, which makes the card a real revolution in the Egyptian technology market.

Easy and fast money transfer between individuals is one of the key features offered by Fawry, allowing customers to easily transfer funds from myfawry yellowcard to another through myfawry yellowcard network securely and hassle-free. This enhances financial connectivity among individuals and facilitates daily financial transactions.

Among the most prominent of these services are: consumer financing solutions through “myfawry Taqseet,” which allow customers to conduct buy now and pay later (BNPL) transactions without any financial restrictions, with flexible and easy installment plans, with full control over expense management. In addition, there are features such as converting previous financial transactions into installment systems, recovering the money spent and adding it to the account balance.

The card also provides investment and savings services through a daily instant fund “Fawry Yawmy” with the highest daily return on savings, in addition to the ability to add or withdraw funds at any time, and also gives customers the advantage of managing those savings via the Myfawry application.

One of the most important features that Fawry provides to its customers through the myfawry yellowcard prepaid card is the tracking feature for users’ budget, where they can monitor and track their spending accurately and effectively. This feature helps users manage their money better and set priorities in spending.

In addition, users can close and reopen their card through myfawry app, providing them with a high level of security and control over the use of their card.

This feature transformed myfawry from a simple bill payment application into an application that allows customers to manage their financial affairs, control their budget and savings, and grow their money. This represents an important strategic shift in Fawry’s journey, and the beginning of a new era, giving customers the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive and integrated financial experience.

It is worth noting that Fawry had launched myfawry yellowcard prepaid card through a giant alliance that included a group of partners to launch the card, namely Banque Misr, the Misr Banks Company for Technological Advancement, the developer of national payment systems and the operator of the national payment system “Meeza”, within the framework of supporting and enhancing digital solutions. And financial technology to facilitate contactless financial services for individuals and merchants, which contributes to achieving the country’s plan towards digital transformation.



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