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Strategic Partnership between Fawry Dahab and PayMe to Enable Electronic Payment Services for Egyptian Expatriates in GCC Countries and Worldwide

Strategic Partnership between Fawry Dahab and PayMe to Enable Electronic Payment Services for Egyptian Expatriates in GCC Countries and Worldwide

Fawry, a leading provider of banking technology and electronic payment services in Egypt, has announced the signing of an agreement with PayMe digital for payment services targeting expats worldwide. The partnership aims to empower Egyptian expatriates in the Gulf region and worldwide to conduct financial transactions and pay bills electronically in Egypt from abroad, through the PayMe application for smartphones, currently available in all app stores.

The partnership between Fawry Dahab and PayMe enables millions of Egyptian expatriate users to settle all payments, such as service bills, school and university fees, driving licenses and cars, club memberships, medical and social insurance, and execute all financial transactions within Egypt, through the PayMe application.

PayMe provides reliable and secure technological solutions through a unique omni-channel model via mobile application and partners integrations. The company is working to add additional services alongside bills and digital payments to meet the needs of expatriates, as well as through partners in many countries, aiming to expand its service offerings worldwide.

Fawry Dahab places Egyptian expatriates abroad at the forefront of its priorities, targeting more than 12 million Egyptian expatriates to provide them with the best payment services and innovative financial technology solutions, helping them to easily conduct financial transactions and pay bills in Egypt from abroad.

Eng. Waleed El-Sayed, General Manager of Fawry Dahab, stated, “Fawry adopts an ambitious plan towards expansion into international markets and forming various partnerships in many sectors, enriching Egyptian expatriates in all countries with a package of innovative digital solutions that help them carry out their digital transactions. Fawry is also working hard to enhance Fawry’s position as a leading platform in the digital payments market, which is the first choice for the Egyptian citizen residing abroad.”

Dr. Dharrar Al-Nasif, Board Member of PayMe, said, We are proud to cooperate with Fawry Dahab, the largest company in Egypt in the field of financial technology, as it has a broad fan base and through the agreement, we seek to reach them, with a package of the easiest and safest financial technology solutions, to complete their payments from abroad, as well as send remittances to Egypt.”

About Fawry:

Founded in 2008, Fawry is the largest e-payment platform in Egypt serving the banked and unbanked population. Fawry’s primary services include enabling electronic bill payments, mobile top-ups and provisions for millions of Egyptian users. Other digital services also include e-ticketing, cable TV, and variety of other services. Through its peer-to-peer model, Fawry is enabling corporates and SMEs to accept electronic payments through a number of platforms including websites, mobile phones, and POS terminals. With a network of 36-member banks, its mobile platform and more than 324,000 agents, Fawry processes an average of 4 million transactions per day, serving an estimated customer base of more than 50 million users monthly. Learn more at

About PayMe:

PayMe is a hassle-free e-payment solution that aims to facilitate bill payments for foreigners living abroad. One of the major financial issues expats faces is paying bills back home. PayMe offers a fast, easy, and secure solution for cross-border payments that can be made with any card or phone number on hand, issued from any country. This is made possible through cross-cultural integration and partnerships created with an Omnichannel experience across the globe. Users can easily download the app from the app store and enjoy a plethora of payment options, real-time tracking, and fraud prevention from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the PayMe app by visiting the website

Download the PayMe app from this link:


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