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“Fawry FMCG” Partners With “Edita” To Enhance Digital Financial Services Solutions And Financial Inclusion


Strategic Partnership Between Fawry FMCGAnd Edita To Enhance Electronic Collection And Payments Solutions

As part of its efforts to enhance digital transformation and financial inclusion, which increases the company’s ability to serve its customers and face challenges, “Fawry FMCG” signed a strategic cooperation agreement with “Edita” Food Industries to provide innovative solutions to facilitate electronic collection systems and digitize the sales collection cycle.

“Fawry FMCG”, a company specializing in financial technology solutions for the consumer goods sector, is keen on providing its partners in various sectors with an advanced set of financial technology solutions, especially the food and beverage sector and spreading the culture of digital transformation to achieve a cashless society in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030 .

So that, according to this agreement” Edita” representatives and clients will be able to deposit funds collected daily and around the clock through Fawry retail network spread across all governorates of Egypt and Fawry Plus branches.

Besides, “Fawry FMCG” is considered the first and largest electronic financial platform in Egypt that serves consumers and companies through various channels and thousands of service points throughout Egypt.

“Fawry FMCG” platform currently serves more than 320,000 merchants and more than 100 consumer goods companies, with the aim of digitizing supply and demand processes, and creating an ecosystem where the relationship between the retailer, the sales representative, and the consumer goods company is seamless, digital and cashless.

Ashraf Sabry, Chairman of Fawry FMCG said: “The partnership represents a bright step for us in Fawry FMCG’s journey in the Egyptian market, as “Edita” is one of the largest food industry companies, and we are excited to work together to develop collection and payment systems in the food industry sector, through the latest innovative and fully secured technology solutions.”

He also stressed Fawry’s commitment to support the Egyptian market and all industry sectors in order to advance the economy and strengthen local markets.

Commenting on the agreement, Edita’s Chairman Hani Berzi said, “We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Fawry, Egypt’s leading provider of e-payment services, who will help Edita digitalize cash collection across its merchant network, improve trade cash management and enhance overall operational efficiency for our business. This is a crucial step toward advancing digital transformation across our organization, which is a key pillar of Edita’s ESG strategy. We look forward to working with the team at Fawry and to realizing our strategic objectives through this partnership.”


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