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‘Fawry’ cooperates with the ‘MoneyHash’ platform to revolutionize payment experiences in Egypt

'Fawry' cooperates with the 'MoneyHash' platform to revolutionize payment experiences in Egypt

Fawry, Egypt’s leading provider of electronic payment and digital financial services, announced its cooperation with ‘MoneyHash‘, an all-in-one payment and revenue operations platform serving the Middle East and Africa.  MoneyHash removes the complexity and resource-intensive tasks involved in building, optimizing, and expanding your payment infrastructure. Tailored to the distinctive payment landscape of these regions, this collaboration presents significant and accelerated growth opportunities for businesses at various stages of development.

By combining MoneyHash’s innovative payment orchestration capabilities with Fawry’s established expertise in payment gateways, merchants can now accelerate their go-to-market strategies, mitigate losses from fraudulent transactions, and enhance their checkout experience for higher conversion rates.

Customers also have the opportunity to streamline and automate their payment procedures, leading to improved user experiences, reduced payment failures, and effective risk management.

‘Fawry’ and ‘MoneyHash’ together will offer premium technical support services delivered by a team of experts. Additionally, users can benefit from exclusive discounts when utilizing “Fawry” electronic payment channels through MoneyHash

Mohamed Kamel, Head of Acceptance and Business Development for ‘Fawry’, expressed his happiness in cooperating with ‘MoneyHash’ saying  that signing the joint protocol adds significant value to the electronic payments market and the field of banking technology. He also affirmed that the cooperation helps accelerate the pace of digital transformation and achieve financial inclusion in the Egyptian market, as it provides a package of advanced digital services and payment solutions .

Nader Abdel Razek, CEO of ‘MoneyHash’ said: “Excited to work with Fawry team to bring the best payment experience to merchants in Egypt and globally. He added: “This is our first featured integration offering special rates, premium support, and coordinated technical innovation. Our collaboration with a market leader like Fawry demonstrates both firms’ commitment to modernizing payment infrastructure in emerging markets.”           

To learn more about how MoneyHash can support all your payment needs, visit their website at For any inquiries, contact: [email protected]    

About Fawry:

Fawry is Egypt’s largest e-payment platform, catering to both the banked and unbanked population. The platform facilitates electronic bill payments, mobile top-ups, and various other digital services, including e-ticketing and cable TV. Fawry enables corporates and SMEs to accept electronic payments through multiple platforms such as websites, mobile phones, and POS terminals. With a network of 36-member banks, over 310,000 agents, and a mobile platform, Fawry processes an average of 4 million transactions per day, serving an estimated customer base of 50 million users quarterly. For more information, visit


     About MoneyHash:

MoneyHash is Middle East & Africa’s first all-in-one flexible payments and revenue operations platform that covers all of your payment needs. Their mission is to empower businesses in emerging markets by abstracting the complexity and effort of building and maintaining payment infrastructure, flows, and operations. 

The platform supports businesses with the tools and microservices to connect with payment service providers, build payment features, create and manage transaction routing and recovery rules, and centralize reporting with no code or hectic operations.

'Fawry' cooperates with the 'MoneyHash' platform to revolutionize payment experiences in Egypt - Fawry

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