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‘Fawry’ and ‘CYBERX’ sign a memorandum of understanding to expand awareness of cybersecurity in Egypt

'Fawry' and 'CYBERX' sign a memorandum of understanding to expand awareness of cybersecurity in Egypt

‘Fawry’ and ‘CYBERX’ collaborate to raise awareness of security threats and reduce cyber attacks

‘Fawry’, the leading company in electronic payment solutions and banking technology, signed a cooperation protocol with the Saudi company ‘CYBERX’ – the leading Arab platform that raises cyber awareness in the Arabic language – with the aim of raising awareness of the concept of cybersecurity and the basic principles of this field. The cooperation aims to combat security threats and reduce cyber attacks, especially with global  increase in digital fraud cases globally.


As ‘Fawry’ and ‘CYBERX’ believe that the first line of defense against common cyberattacks, electronic threats and malicious cyber attachments is the human factor. CyberX strives to provide cybersecurity awareness programs and comprehensive content to build awareness  and enrich the community with powerful tools to learn to be cautious against the risks of online fraud and cybersecurity attacks.


Moreover, ‘Fawry’ has taken a strong interest  in the goals of ‘CYBERX’ and the ability to simplify  concepts and principles of information security and cybersecurity, which build integrated lines of defense against fraud in the Arab world.


In addition to that, ‘Fawry’ is strongly committed to the Egyptian information security and cybersecurity market by regularly spreading awareness of cybersecurity risks and what it contains of breaches and threats that represent a serious burden on customer data, and how to confront any threat or breach.


‘Fawry’, through its position in the Egyptian market as the first choice in the electronic payment market, is also interested in upgrading the lines of security defense, from merchants to customers.


It is noteworthy that ‘CYBERX’ provides cybersecurity awareness campaigns, skills development, and training services in the field of cybersecurity, in addition to several other solutions, including phishing.


Tareq Bashir, Head of Risk and Compliance Department at ‘Fawry’, said: “Fawry is pleased to cooperate with the leading Arab company ‘CYBERX’ in the field of cybersecurity awareness. He added:” that interest in information security and cybersecurity is no longer a luxury for the corporate community, institutions, and the state in general, especially with the expansion of digitization of all sectors, and the trend towards building smart cities.”


He stressed that ‘Fawry’ will work side by side with ‘CYBERX’ to raise awareness in the field of information and cybersecurity and provide an appropriate environment to reduce breaches and security threats.


Mohannad AlKalash, Founder of ‘CYBERX’, said: “We firmly believe that cybersecurity is much more than policies and technology, it is a culture that blossoms within organizations, and awareness is its fuel.”


     He added: “The partnership between ‘Fawry’ and ‘CyberX’ represents a milestone towards achieving our goal of accelerating secure digital transformation in the Arab world and in the Egyptian market. This cooperation will enable us to benefit from our expertise and provide unparalleled awareness of cybersecurity to millions of consumers, retailers and employees, thus enhancing trust and security in this digital world.”


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