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Fawry’s Buy Now
Pay Later

What Is myfawry taqseet Service?

With a focus on promoting financial flexibility for both SMEs and their employees, our game changing BNPL service allows your employees to purchase a wide range of products and services without the immediate financial burden.


What Is myfawry taqseet Service?



Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our myfawry taqseet prioritizes convenience. Your employees can buy anything they need, from any merchant, at any time, paying for purchases in easy and manageable installments. myfawry taqseet eliminates the need for timing bulk purchases around paydays.



Open Loop Freedom

We offer an open-loop payment system, meaning your employees can shop at any merchant they choose. From groceries and clothing to electronics and home essentials, the possibilities are endless.



Hassle-Free Payments

Say goodbye to complicated payment processes and multiple bills to manage. Fawry’s BNPL service automatically deducts the installments from the balance in your Fawry Account, streamlining the entire payment process. With just one click, all dues are settled effortlessly.



Zero Liability for Your Company

With our zero-liability guarantee, SMEs are not responsible for employee payments. Our secure and reliable platform ensures that your business is not held liable for any issues related to the service.



Total Control: Customize myfawry taqseet Access for Responsible Spending

SMEs can have full control over who in their organization can enjoy myfawry taqseet. This way, you can ensure responsible use of the service while empowering your staff to make the purchases they need.



Unlock Financial Freedom for Your Employees with myfawry taqseet


Back in Time

Grant your employees the flexibility of “going back in time” with myfawry taqseet. Now, they can make desired purchases without the immediate impact on their finances, giving them greater control over their financial timeline.


Customizable Flex

Activate ‘Flex’ mode for your employees’ to liberate their shopping experience from worries about debit balances. This feature uses their available myfawry taqseet limit to seamlessly cover the remaining amount, enabling them to make purchases without financial constraints. What’s more, they can choose from customizable installment options, tailoring their repayment plans to fit individual preferences and financial flexibility.



Allow your employees to experience the ease of post-transaction adjustments with myfawry taqseet. Your employees can modify their payment plan after the purchase, allowing them to adapt to unexpected financial situations or changes in their budgets without added stress. Additionally, reassure them that refunds are available for all installment purchases, providing a seamless solution for any necessary adjustments.

A simple setup process​

Requiring a few easy steps​

Step 01

Your employees can start enjoying the benefits of myfawry taqseet by simply using myfawry app.

Step 03

Your employees can shop at their favorite merchants, both online and in physical stores. Our expansive network covers a wide range of categories, making it easy for them to find what they need.


Step 02

It only requires a few simple questionnaires, setting an initial limit, and completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process in-branch to unlock their actual limit.

Advantages of myfawry taqseet over traditional payment methods

No. Type

MyFawry Taqseet

Other BNPL Services

1 Open-loop

2 Customizable (Flex)

3 Post Transaction adjustment

4 Back in Time

With myfawry taqseet, you can enhance your business by offering a powerful and flexible payment solution to your employees. Embrace the future of corporate financial empowerment today with Fawry!

Fawry’s Buy Now Pay Later Service - Fawry

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