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Fawry Plus, Egypt Trust sign partnership protocol for easier e-stamp/signature services

Fawry Plus, Egypt Trust sign partnership protocol for easier
e-stamp/signature services

Fawry Plus, the leading banking technology and electronic payment company, has announced that it inked a partnership protocol with the pioneering e-signature and stamp service provider Egypt Trust to facilitate the contracting process for companies, institutions and individuals planning to obtain digital signature and stamp services. According to the protocol, these services will be provided through a number of Fawry Plus branches.


The partnership will enable the clients to easily issue electronic signatures and stamps by submitting the requested documents and papers at the nearest Fawry Plus branch where the service is available.


The step demonstrates Fawry’s keenness to back the national efforts and strategic orientation towards speeding up the digital transformation pace to achieve Egypt’s 2030 Vision. This includes the provision of e-signature and stamp services as well as different IT tools, which form the basis for supporting the financial inclusion in Egypt, for companies, institutions and individuals.


Now the service is available for customers at Fawry Plus branches at Al-Tayaran Street of Madinat Nasr and the Downtown area. It is also provided by some of the company’s branches in Al-Sharqia, Al-Menofia, Suez, Al-Daqahlia, Al-Ismailia and Port Said governorates. Fawry Plus is planning an expansion to offer the service at all of its branches in Egypt in the near future.


“We are thrilled to cooperate with Egypt Trust to make the e-signature and stamp services available for the public via Fawry branches, given that securing the electronic transactions to engage in online financial activities has become a highly critical requirement and a major axis for supporting the digital transformation,” Mr. Hossam Ezz, Fawry Plus CEO, has commented on the move. He added that Fawry company is doing its best to ramp up its leading role at the local market by clinching effective partnerships in different sectors with giant entities operating in digital areas and by providing the latest e-payment services.


Meanwhile, Mohamed Kiwan, the CEO OF Egypt Trust, said that his company, a pioneer in its field, is guided by a clear vision and specific goals that are consistent with the Egyptian national program for digital transformation (Digital Egypt). “Egypt Trust is a key partner of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and permanently seeks to provide its services to the public in the easiest, fastest and most secure way. Hence, it is striving to expand the e-signature and stamp services more to cover all electronic transactions. Spurred by this goal, our company is cooperating with Fawry Plus, a giant company that holds the largest share in the Egyptian digital payment market.”


It is worth mentioning that the e-signature and stamp allow individuals and companies to deal with government agencies and carry out banking or digital transactions by signing all documents in a fully secured manner. The e-signature is the legal alternative to the traditional handwritten signature, and is used in signing and all kinds of transactions, documents, requests and electronic correspondences. The e-stamp represents the modern alternative to the corporate seal and enables the companies to secure data and transactions.


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