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Fawry opens Egypt’s first training academy for corporate staff

Fawry opens Egypt’s first training academy for corporate staff

The six-storey building accommodates over 500 trainees daily and provides the latest industry-related training courses.

6 June 2022 (Cairo, Egypt) – Fawry, Egypt’s leading provider of banking technology and electronic payment solutions, launched yesterday the “Fawry Academy” – a first of its kind in Egypt to specialize in training and qualifying corporate sales representatives and employees.

The Maadi-based academy, which teaches advanced fintech systems, adopts scientific training methods.
On this occasion, Fawry, which assumes a pivotal role in promoting digital transformation, electronic payment and unbanked transactions, has reaffirmed its commitment to pursue sustainable development goals and back the national economy.

Accordingly, the company said, Fawry is carrying out plans to invest in younger generations, raise their competence and prepare promising cadres that are capable of further advancing the industry and boosting the financial inclusion, in a way that best utilizes young people’s potentials to support Egypt’s 2030 Vision in terms of building an integrated digital society.

“Opening Fawry Academy for Training is an exceptional milestone in the company’s journey in Egypt and new step towards enriching the fintech sector and the digital transformation with promising cadres that enjoy excellent experiences and mentalities so that they could keep pace with ongoing developments in the field,” said Neveen Nofal, Administration and Executive Office Management Director at Fawry. She elaborated that Fawry has a clear approach of contributing to the sustainable development goals through disseminating the digital transformation culture in the society starting with the new generations.

Mrs. Nofal added that the six-storey Fawry Academy was designed in modern architectural styles and holds a capacity of 500 trainees daily. “The first training phase will be exclusively for Fawry’s sales representatives who will be provided with guidelines and vision on the nature of work in Fawry and its affiliate companies. Moreover, advanced integrated training courses on how to sell, how to deal with retailers, and how to ensure a smooth selling process will be offered,” she stated.

She went on saying that the next phase will include all Fawry’s (new) staff, who will be introduced to induction programs when joining the company as well as necessary trainings for upgrading their skills. They will also be offered training sessions and courses by industry experts.

Fawry seeks to help all its representatives and employees to improve their skills and acquire additional skills to meet the continuously changing demands of labor market. Hence, it is determined to develop its staff’s academic sides and professional aspects, which eventually leads to improving public services by means of the latest financial technologies and offering new and developed technological solutions.

About Fawry

Established in 2008, Fawry for banking technology and electronic payment is the largest e-payment platform in Egypt serving all segments of society. Fawry’s major services include enabling electronic bill payments and mobile top-ups and provisions for millions of Egyptian customers. Other digital services also include e-ticketing, cable TV subscriptions and variety of other services. Through its peer-to-peer model, Fawry is enabling corporates and SMEs to accept electronic payments through a number of platforms including websites, mobile phones, and POS machines. Thanks to a network of 36 member banks, its mobile platform of myfawry and more than 268,000 agents, Fawry processes an average of 3.5 million transactions daily, serving an estimated base of 40 million customers monthly. For more info, please visit


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